Serious car and other motor vehicle accidents require the guidance of an experienced attorney. I have over 30 years of practice and an impressive track record representing people who have suffered serious personal injuries in vehicle accidents.

I work with physicians and other health care providers to assess and review all the short and long-term medical aspects of your auto accident case. My detailed understanding of Ohio’s automobile, insurance and liability laws means I understand the different sources of recovery available to accident victims and their families as well as the various theories of liability that enable those victims to collect from the parties who caused them harm. If you have been injured in a auto accident in Ohio, call me today for assistance with your case.

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When your car is damaged from an accident, no matter what some might say, you have freedom of choice when it comes to selecting an auto body repair facility.

Below is your “Consumer Bill of Rights” regarding collision repair:

1. You have the right to choose the repair shop you want to use.

2. You’re entitled to have your vehicle repaired to its pre-accident condition.

3. By law, you’re only required to obtain one repair estimate.

4. Choose a shop that has the proper repair equipment. Make sure it’s a Certified Assured Performance Collision Care Center – meeting the highest industry standards and qualifications.

5. Make sure your Collision Repair Center does not fix your vehicle with used or rebuilt parts without your authorization.

6. Always request a written warranty covering labor, materials, parts and paint. Certified Assured Performance Collision Care repair centers offer lifetime guarantees on all collision repair work performed on your vehicle.

7. Know that it is against the law for any collision repair facility to bury or absorb a deductible of an insurance policy for a covered automobile.

Do you have a business? Are you an entrepreneur starting a new venture?

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I represent owners, investors and entrepreneurs in all aspects of business and commercial law, contracts and negotiations, business litigation and commercial real estate. Professional, responsive and aggressive representation is provided to sole proprietors, limited liability companies, partnerships, and corporations and legal strategies are designed with the client’s best interest in mind. I work with small businesses and new start-ups often times serving as general counsel providing services in areas such as buy/sell agreements, franchises, LLC/incorporations and operating agreements, non-compete/non-disclosure agreements and other related business legal services. If your business or venture needs counsel, call me today.

Ohio Workers’ Compensation was enacted by the state legislature to assist injured workers. Somewhere along its history, this process became and currently remains a technical and complex process that requires the help of an experienced attorney.

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I have helped thousands of injured workers receive the workers’ compensation they are entitled for injuries on the job, short-term or long-term disabilities such as repetitive stress injuries. You can receive money for lost wages, medical bills, and job retraining, if that becomes necessary.

Ohio’s workers’ compensation process should be a simple matter, but if you are facing disagreements about the extent of your injuries, payment of your medical bills and treatments, or the amount of money you should be paid, you need an aggressive legal advocate to protect your rights. My experience will ensure you get the maximum benefits you deserve. Call me today for a free evaluation of your case.

Real Estate issues are complex by its nature. There is no question you need an experienced attorney.

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I represent individuals, businesses, and professional groups with respect to ownership, purchase and sale of real estate. This includes assisting in closings, title issues, boundary disputes, easements and zoning matters. My representation of lenders and developers involves negotiating, structuring, and documenting commercial, retail, residential, and industrial transactions and developments, including manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, office and apartment buildings. I have experience in drafting and negotiating commercial leases; in organizing, financing, and marketing residential and commercial condominiums, planned unit developments, subdivisions and in handling mortgage foreclosures. If you or your company is involved in real estate legal issues, call me today.

If you have been denied your CCW permit, there are several misdemeanors in Ohio that can prevent you from obtaining a CCW permit.Image result for gun rights photos

A conviction for a number of Ohio misdemeanors can affect your ability to get or keep your a concealed carry license in Ohio and/or your ability to own a firearm (R.C. 2923.125 & R.C. 2923.128).

Felonies will also affect your ability to obtain a CCW or to own a firearm.

A marijuana possession or paraphernalia conviction in Ohio may prevent you from obtaining an Ohio CCW.

A pending misdemeanor drug charge under R.C. 2925 that involves a drug of abuse (including marijuana) will prevent you from obtaining an Ohio CCW.

A M1-M4 misdemeanor drug conviction under R.C. 2925 will prevent you from obtaining an Ohio CCW.

A minor misdemeanor marijuana conviction will not prevent you from obtaining an Ohio CCW.

Federal law prohibits anyone with a domestic violence conviction from owning a firearm.
Fourth degree misdemeanor (M4) domestic violence means causing a family/household member to believe that the offender will cause imminent physical harm.  An M4 domestic violence charge is expungeable in Ohio.

First degree misdemeanor (M1) domestic violence means knowingly causing or attempting to cause physical harm to a family harm or recklessly causing serious harm.  An M1 domestic violence charge is not expungeable in Ohio.

If you were charged with domestic violence and it was reduced to a disorderly conduct involving a threat of harm or violence (e.g. R.C. 2917.11(A)(1)), you may still face a federal weapons disability even if the disorderly conduct charge was expunged.

Being convicted of or charged with certain “offenses of violence” will prevent you from obtaining a CCW in Ohio.  Being convicted of attempt or conspiracy to commit one of the below offenses of violence will also bar you from obtaining a CCW in Ohio.

A misdemeanor offense of violence is any offense (other than traffic) committed purposely or knowingly involving physical harm to someone or a risk of serious physical harm to someone.

If you are convicted of any offense of violence, you are barred from obtaining an Ohio CCW for 3 years following the conviction.

Examples of offenses of violence that can prevent you from obtaining an Ohio CCW for 3 years include:

Assault (R.C. 2903.13) (when victim is not a peace officer)

Menacing (R.C. 2903.22)

Child Endangerment (R.C. 2919.22(B)(1)) Misdemeanor (M1) child endangerment under (B)(1) is child abuse in which the defendant has never before been convicted of child and abuse and the child is not seriously injured.  Conviction of misdemeanor child endangerment can prevent you from obtaining an Ohio CCW unless the charge is expunged.

Negligent Assault (2903.14).  If you have a pending negligent assault charge, you are barred from obtaining an Ohio CCW.  A conviction, however, will not affect your ability to obtain a CCW.

Resisting Arrest (R.C. 2903.13).  If you have been convicted of resisting arrest, you are barred from obtaining an Ohio CWW for 10 years after the date of the conviction.

Assault (R.C. 2903.13). Where Victim is a Peace Officer
If you have been convicted of assault where the victim was a police officer or other peace officer, you are barred from obtaining an Ohio CWW for 10 years after the date of the conviction.



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